Tax Check List – Start Preparing!


Please use this checklist as a guide for compiling your tax documents and for noting changes you’ve had throughout the year. We hope this list helps you and your family best prepare for your visit.

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Health Insurance:  With the new Health Care regulations all taxpayers will need to provide there heath Insurance information to us.  We will be sending out an email and blog regarding this soon.

Personal Information
 New Address and / or Phone Number
 New Email Address
 Name Change (Officially Recognized with Social Security)
 New Bank Account (For Direct Deposit)
 Occupation Change / New Work Title
 I am Legally Blind
 I am a Volunteer Firefighter / Ambulance Worker

Marital Status
 Has your Filing Status Changed
 Recently Married / Separated / Divorced
 Loss of a Spouse (Death Certificate)

 Home (need HUD statement)
 Car / Boat / RV
 Energy Efficient Property / Clean Heat Fuel / Solar Energy

Income & Expenses
 Employment / Bank Interest / Dividends
 Stock and Fund Sales
 Foreign Bank Accounts / Foreign Wages
 Pensions and Social Security Benefits
 Unemployment Benefits
 Small Business Income and Expenses
 Gambling Winnings and Losses
 Rental Income and Expenses


 Medical and Dental Expenses
 Real Estate Taxes
 Mortgage Interest
 Work Related Expenses (Out of Pocket)
 Charitable Contributions / Donations
 Child Care Expenses (Name of Caretaker, Address, EIN)
 College Tuitions / Student Loan Interest
 Moving Expenses
 Retirement Contributions: Traditional IRA / Roth IRA
 College Savings Plan Contributions
 Casualty or Theft Losses

Dependants (Need Full Name, Date of Birth, SS#, Relationship)
 Had a Baby
 Adopted a Child
 No Longer Claiming a Child / Relative
 Claiming a Relative
 Sold a Home (Need 1099 and HUD Statement)
 Sold Stocks or Bonds
 Distribution of a Pension / Annuity Fund
 IRA Conversions
 Refinanced / Foreclosed / Abandoned Property


Three ways to have your tax return completed:

1. Schedule an appointment
2. Mail/Scan us your documents
3. Drop off your documents